God and Man (or Man and God?)

By Iván Krsul Andrade
© 1997 Iván Krsul Andrade - Copyright 1997 by Iván Krsul Andrade - (Comment regarding the distribution rights of this story)
And God said "Be fertile and increase, fill the earth and master it. And rule
the fish of the seas, the birds of the skies, and all the living things that
creep on earth."  And man was fertile and multiplied until he filled the
earth and the skies and the seas.  And man mastered the earth, and mastered
the weather, and tamed the stubborn seas, and calmed the soil that shuddered
in pain as man drilled deep into its heart.

And man ruled the fish in the seas and the birds of the skies and all the
living things that creep on earth.  Like a child emperor, man failed to rule
wisely at first and exterminated countless species, and polluted his earth.
With the wisdom of maturity, the adult emperor ruled the surviving ones,
recreated the extinct and created new variations.  He ruled wisely and justly
as he could.

"Let there be life" said man one day, and new forms of life sprung into
existence from nothing but his intellect.  In universes of silicone grew live
strands of consciousness that he called artificial life.  And man saw what he
had done and found it good.  And man said "be fertile and increase; evolve",
and gave them bounded universes to conquer and populate.  And these creatures
helped him conquer the stars around him.

And man filled the stars and mastered them.  Man ruled the fish in the seas
of planets in distant stars.  And ruled the birds in new crimson and purple
skies.  And he conquered the newly found seas and mastered the newly found

And man created gigantic armies of metallic servants; tiny and huge. The tiny
injected into the blood of all living things.  The huge he let loose under
the earth and seas.  He created servants that he sent into space and
instructed them to seek God, for man was not pleased.  Though he had found
life in the stars around him, no intelligence anywhere was found.

And man's servants multiplied and conquered inner and outer space.  Searched
far and near, long and hard.  And as man was losing  hope, God was found and
man finally talked to God.

"Lord God," said man.  "You created me, but you have not given me a sister or
brother I can call my own. I want to be as powerful as you, I want  to create
the sibling I have not found.  I want to be a creator too!"

"My son," God replied, "look around you.  I have given you the power to
create, and you have used it well."

"But I don't have the power to create the beings that I seek!  I have not
created a being like myself!" said man.

"Neither have I, my son" said God.