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Tools and Resources


Co-word analysis is a content analysis technique that is effective in mapping the strength of association between keywords in textual data. Co-word analysis reduces a space of descriptors (or keywords) to a set of network graphs that effectively illustrate the strongest associations between descriptors. CoWord is a tool created originally at the COAST Laboratory (Purdue University) and modified at the ACIS Laboratory (University of Florida) that performs CoWord Analysis as described in Algorthim Description paper. The tool is available here and you will need a copy of the JGL and ORO jar files (see the README file). A local copy of these is avaialbe here but if possible, as stated in the documentation, you should get these from the original sites..

If you want to avoid compiling the tool, you can use one of the following versions (follows the same use instructions, but skip the compilation):

File CoWord.jar (te be used with the command java -jar CoWord.jar)

Windows Executable (to be used with the Windows command prompt)

Linux Executable

Solaris Executable

MacOS X Executable


BiblioTool is a very simple perl program that generates the HTML pages for my bibliographic database. It uses the bp package developed by Dana Jacobsen (see http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~jacobsd/bib/bp). You can download a copy of the tool here, but be aware that this tool was originally not meant to be distributed widely, so please read and understand the source code of the program before attempting to execute it. Failure to do so can result in damage to your files and.or directories.